“I show technical people how to speak in understandable terms to non-technical people, and I work with other professions on how to speak to others of different vocations and generations.”

The Communication Expert Who Speaks Tech

With a professional background spanning across technology, IT, and manufacturing, Carson has worked as a public speaker for the last decade dedicated to improving communication across industry and generational lines.

Whether it’s discussing the future of computing to the latest emerging tech trends, Carson specializes in teaching people who seem very different from each other how to get along and communicate much more effectively.

Speaking Awards
Years as Technology Entrepreneur
Years of IT Expertise
Years of Manufacturing Expertise
Years of Sales Expertise
Years as a Speaking Coach
“Carson is a very talented public speaker and an extremely competent leader. In all my dealings with Carson I've always found him to be calm, direct and very knowledgeable.”
Daniel Eller
Communications Coordinator
“Carson Shaffer is a true professional and among the best in the I.T. industry. He is highly focused, extremely well-organized and a great person to work with.”
Dan Donaldson
SVP Noble Systems
“Carson is an extremely intelligent and detail-oriented person who is very conscientious about his relationships with clients.”
Terry Singleton
Agency Partner, The Enterprise Team Leader at Sihle Insurance Group

What is There to Talk About?

We all have our particular language of work, but it’s hard to understand if you don’t speak it. What’s the real cost of that disconnect? Sales, profits, and in some cases—like the Space Shuttle Challenger—human lives.

By learning to communicate effectively, you can increase sales, profitability, efficiency, morale and overall employee engagement. Wouldn’t that be great?

Let's Talk About How To:

Work with your technical staff on how to improve communication with non-technical personnel.

Explain technology and IT to “non-techies” in plain English and across generational lines.

Improve customer satisfaction by working with your team to effectively communicate the nuances of your industry.

These industries include:
Real Estate
And more!

Why Learn to Communicate Effectively?

Fear of technology causes lost sales, employee disconnection and reduced customer retention. People buy and respond to those they like and trust, and effective communication is key to creating that healthy environment.

The benefits of clear, consistent communication are endless:

Increase Profitability

Good communication between your employees and your customers nets you great payoff.

Increase Sales

Without trust, there can be no sales. People buy from, promote, and work with people they like!

Increase Efficiency

Your operations go a whole lot smoother when everyone is on the same page.

Improve Team Morale

No one likes being misinterpreted, but everyone likes to feel understood.

Employee Engagement

When your employees all know what each other is doing, they do it even better—together.

And More!

The better you communicate, the more successful you and your team can become.

Ready to Start Communicating?

Carson Shaffer can engage your workforce so that they really talk to (and not at) each other! Get your corporation running like a well-oiled machine and book Translating Tech for an onsite presentation today.

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