Over a Decade of Clear Communication

Carson Shaffer has spent the last decade teaching people how to speak to each other. Giving talks on subjects ranging from how the generations can all get along together, to the future of computing, to the latest emerging tech trends, Carson specializes in teaching people who seem very different from each other how to get along and communicate much more effectively.

A Manufacturing Engineer and Tech Entrepreneur, Carson ran his own IT consulting firm for over 16 years. During this time, he noticed that his customers didn’t always understand what the Engineers were saying to them. Carson began to work with his staff, teaching them to talk on the customer’s level, and watched customer satisfaction begin to climb ever upwards.

After seeing a large sale lost because a consultant talked tech to a Medical Doctor who grew frustrated and walked out of the meeting, Carson thought, “There must be a better way!” And so, Translating Tech was born. Carson’s passion to eliminate the stress, pain, anger and frustration that comes from not understanding each other has driven him to become the “Technology Communicator.”

More About Carson Shaffer

As a 4-H Mentor and Board Member, Carson has worked with children from 8-12 years old, and has been proud to watch them blossom from stammering kids with stage-fright to poised, contest winning speakers.

He has taught people who were scared of the water how to SCUBA Dive as a NAUI Dive Master and taught technical classes to non-technical neophytes as an A+ and N+ Technician Instructor.

He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and can often be found mentoring speakers – from fledgling presenters to Professional Keynote Speakers. Carson also has been a professional musician for 25+ years, which is one of the many reasons he’s comfortable in front of a crowd.

A US Air Force Veteran, Carson works each week at the Orlando VA, teaching Veterans (mostly homeless), in a residential treatment center for PTSD, Anger, Alcoholism, Narcotics Addiction and Mental Health Issues how to speak again—because homeless people aren’t just invisible, they are silent. Many of these Veterans have not uttered 5 sentences in a row for years, and the psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors need them to be talking so they can receive the correct, effective treatment.